Dr. Alejandra Beltrans Reyes

  • Aesthetic Laser Procedures learning Program
    “Lasers and light Sources, including IPL”

  • American Academy of Aesthetic Medicine, 2022
    Certificate in Aesthetic Medicine

  • American Safety and Health Institute, 2021
    BLS Training

  • DubiMed, 2021
    VIORA Training

  • DubiMed, 2021
    Secret Dual Combination Technology

  • DubiMed, 2021
    Secret Dual Combination Technology

  • Fundacion Universitaria Juan N. Corpas, 2017
    Physician and General Surgeon

  • INMODE Aesthetic Solutions, 2022
    Morpheus Pro System training course

  • Medica, 2022
    Ultherapy Training

  • Professional Medical Education Association, INC, 2022

Dr. Alejandra Beltran Reyes

Dr. Alejandra Beltran Reyes is highly skilled and experienced in aesthetic medicine at Roxana Aesthetics. With a passion for enhancing beauty and restoring confidence, Dr. Reyes is dedicated to providing men and women with personalized and transformative cosmetic procedures. Her impressive qualifications and continuous pursuit of knowledge ensure that she stays at the forefront of the latest advancements in the field.

Having completed a comprehensive Aesthetic Laser Procedures learning program, including training in lasers and light sources such as IPL, Dr. Reyes possesses the expertise to harness the power of cutting-edge technologies to deliver exceptional results. She has also undergone specialized training in the Morpheus Pro System, Ultherapy, VIORA, and the innovative Secret Dual Combination Technology, further expanding her repertoire of advanced techniques.

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