Dr. Keyana Emamian MD, ND

  • Medical Degree As General Practitioner

  • Canadian Board Certified of aesthetic medicine and anti aging

  • Laser Expert certified by The National Council of Laser of America (NCLC)

  • Naturopathy degree from alternative medicine college of canada

  • Threads certification from chellsey institute of canada

  • Botox injections

  • Face beautification and contouring with Fillers

  • Rejuvenation with combination therapy such as Lasers, Mesogels and skin boosters

Dr. Keyana Emamian Md, Nd, An Aesthetic And Anti-Aging Physician At Roxana Aesthetics Clinic In Dubai Jumeirah Al Wasl

Meet Dr. Keyana Emamian MD, ND, an aesthetic and anti-aging physician at Roxana Aesthetics Clinic. With her impressive background in traditional medicine, aesthetics, and naturopathy and 18 years of experience, Dr. Keyana is a trailblazer in the aesthetic medical field.

Her international practice, spanning Iran, Canada, and Dubai, has given Dr. Keyana a broad perspective and a deep understanding of diverse patient preferences and requirements. She is actively involved in practicing and training physicians, establishing herself as a pioneering figure in her field. Her impressive track record of results further solidifies her reputation as a highly skilled injector who consistently delivers exceptional outcomes.

Dr. Keyana's passion, creativity, and sense of style contribute to her ability to enhance her patients' appearances and help them feel their best. Her global experience and highly skilled approach go beyond traditional medical practices, focusing on individualized transformations that align with her patients' unique qualities.

As a Canadian Board of Aesthetic Medicine member and certified by the National Council on Laser of America (NCLC), she is a pioneering figure with a track record of exceptional results.

Dr. Keyana offers a range of procedures, including Botox injections for treating wrinkles and hyperhidrosis, face beautification and contouring with fillers, and rejuvenation with combination therapy using lasers, mesogens, and skin boosters.

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