Body contouring is a cosmetic procedure that involves reshaping and sculpting your body to enhance your natural curves and contours.

Our clinic offers various body contouring treatments that target specific areas of your body, including your abdomen, waist, thighs, buttocks, arms, and face.

These procedures have different goals, ranging from weight loss and excess fat or excess skin reduction with nonsurgical body sculpting procedures that target fat cells to laser lipolysis.

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    Body Contouring Procedures: What Are They?

    Body contouring procedures refers to a set of medical or surgical procedures that help in the sculpting and reshaping of the body, removing excess fat and skin, and tightening muscles.

    These procedures are ideal for people who have achieved their desired weight but still struggle with stubborn fat pockets and loose skin. Body contouring can also help individuals who have lost significant weight and need assistance in tightening their skin and reducing excess fat.

    At our Aesthetic Clinic in Dubai, we offer a range of body contouring treatments that cater to your unique needs. Our non-invasive treatments can help you reduce fat, eliminate cellulite, and tighten your skin without the need for surgery.

    Learn more about the treatments we offer:

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    Our clinic is the first in Dubai to introduce Alma Primex, a non-surgical therapy that uses ultrasound and radiofrequency to reduce fat thickness and tighten the skin in the abdomen, waist, thighs, and buttocks areas.

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