Mirna Dehaybi

  • Sunface Medical Aesthetic Center DHMCC, 2022
    Laser Hair Removal Training Course

  • Fraxel, 2010
    Certified and Qualified in Fraxel procedure

  • Aesthetic Reconstruction, 2009
    Certificate in Paramedical Aesthetics

  • Aesthetic Reconstruction, 2009
    Certificate in Paramedical Camouflage

  • New South Wales Technical and Further Education Commission Australia, 2008
    Diploma of Beauty Therapy

  • New South Wales Australia, 2007
    Beauty Therapy Certificate IV

Mirna Dehaybi

Mirna Dehaybi, a skilled beautician at Roxana Aesthetics, possesses an impressive range of qualifications and expertise to deliver exceptional beauty treatments. With specialized training in laser hair removal, including a course at the prestigious Sunface Medical Aesthetic Center DHMCC, Mirna ensures safe and effective hair removal solutions. She is also certified in performing Fraxel procedures, a renowned skin resurfacing treatment that delivers remarkable results. Mirna's qualifications extend to paramedical aesthetics and paramedical camouflage, highlighting her mastery in specialized cosmetic techniques. With a Diploma of Beauty Therapy and a Beauty Therapy Certificate IV, Mirna's educational background solidifies her expertise in beauty therapy, guaranteeing top-quality care and outstanding outcomes.

Experience the transformative skills of Mirna Dehaybi at Roxana Aesthetics as she combines her extensive knowledge and passion to help you achieve your desired beauty goals. With expertise in laser hair removal, Fraxel procedures, and paramedical aesthetics, Mirna delivers tailored treatments that enhance your natural beauty. Trust in Mirna's proficiency and dedication to receive exceptional beauty care and embark on a journey towards renewed confidence and radiance.

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